Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Facing Difficult Time

We are facing difficult time.

It has become three months that I did not write anything. In the beginning I got busy to complete my thesis as it was delayed few years. Then, there was a massive earth quake which affects all of us in Nepal. My house collapsed together with many of my neighbors. I went back to my village 3 times during this period and I made a temporary house (tent like) for my mother. Everything was standstill during a month including the closed down of the offices and other services. There were earthquakes which the expert said it after shocks. We remained outside the house in Kathmandu, for a week or more. It was really a very difficult time. Many people lost their life. Infrastructure and national heritages are collapsed within a minute time. We want to forget this situation which we cannot because of the evidence everywhere.
While our life started to become normal, we needed to rush to the hospital due the severe pain in the stomach of my wife Sabina.  We stayed 3 days at hospital as Sabi needed to get operation of her gall bladder as there were multiple stones which caused the severe pain. While writing this blog now, Sabi is recovering now and yesterday we went to hospital again to take out the stitching.  At the same time my mother is suffering from fever. House collapsed; wife and mother serious sick and my relatives are also homeless due to the earthquake. This is really a very difficult time for us.

Hari Shrestha