Wednesday, January 21, 2015

20th Jan 2015 Nationwide Strike

Yesterday, due to nationwide strike, I stayed at my home all day. There was report of clashes in between police and demonstrators. 19 political parties called this strike and there were reports of attacks to the media vehicles, and the vehicles of general public. A few number of taxis, motorcycle and trucks were vandalized as they run even in the strike.

Day before yesterday, opposition parties disrupted the Constituent Assembly Meeting and they destroyed the mike, chairs and tried to attack other party leaders. There is problem in between political parties to draft the constitution. Two other meetings also disrupted including today and there is no way until and unless the political parties agree to go together. I think this is not the issue of what to include in the constitution, this is the issue of their political future. They all are blaming to each other. They neither are wrong or right. They are partially wrong and partially right.

Many people criticized the event of day before yesterday. True. But no one is trying to find out the real cause of it. Maoist fought for 10 years by raising the issue of state restructure and they brought the idea of federalism and so on. Other political parties came to their agenda. They followed them. Now its actual time to draft a constitution that will shape the future of Nepal. There are contradictions in the parties for this issue. Many political parties do not agree to go for the new system. So those issues bring clashes between parties.

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