Thursday, January 29, 2015


Due to the low quality of Nepalese Education, many universities abroad are not accepting our graduates to join for higher education. Recently Tribhuvan University of Nepal introduced the semester system which was due to launch and it at least ensures the quality of education as there are multiple exams and assignments students has to complete. Now there is only one exam once in a year and there are hardly few assignments for students. I know there is also urgent need to revised the syllable of TU. But this semester system was one of the many areas to improve Nepalese Education. But again students union affiliated to different political parties forced the TU to withdraw this system. As per them there is no infrastructure, and the cost of the education will be high due to which poor students cannot study, they argue. In the past also due to their same kinds of stand in order to remove the Proficiency Certificate Level they stopped it for few years. But without any solutions they accepted it and now there is no Proficiency Certificate level in TU. I know they will accept it after few years but that will be too late. They are just doing politics which is not good for all.I think some of them know this well, but they need to do a politics.

In the past TU Nepal was recognized by other institutions abroad. They still accept it as there are few number of universities in Nepal. But the degree that we obtain from the TU does not have the equal value as they offer. So we need to improve the education system of Nepal. At least some university of Nepal has to start to connect their graduates to the Industry. Ultimate goal of education is to better the life of people, society, and the country as a whole. Student go to job market after their education and if there is no connection with the industry, the chances of getting employment will be low. That is why many of our graduates also need to go to abroad to work for meager salary. So taking this issue in to account, I would like to request all stake holders to take the serious actions as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha

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