Friday, January 30, 2015

Education News

Today I read few articles about education from ICEF and University World News. My understanding are the following:

China and Canada are in collaboration for the linkage of the universities and connection for the cooperation. They have ongoing leadership in education.

New Zealand promoted its education in 2014 and this country is likely to meet its target to make economic impact of 5 billion by 2025 if the growth rates will go in the similar way. India and China is the biggest market for NZ and they have contributed 41% India and 12% China.

Students visa fraud in Australia is growing as the population is growing. In 2014, 404000 students visa was issued by Australia. The number is the dramatic increase and it contributes approximately 15 Billion in Australia's economy. As there are non genuine students who apply and do not appear to the colleges, that help Australian government to suspect on them. So they are bringing tighter rules and regulations for international students.

The trend of studying abroad to the selected countries like USA, UK and few others will be changed by 2020. China, Malaysia, South Korea, India, and South Africa who will attract the students in the coming decade.

I read 4-5 articles and based on those articles, I have mentioned it here. For the details please read those articles on the website of ICEF and University World News.

Hari Shrestha

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