Monday, March 2, 2015

Jeff Goins Inspiring Blog

I read Jeff Goins blog today. I am reading his blog regularly as it gives the insight and the inspiration to do something in life. He explained how he becomes a professional writer in his blog. When they (Jeff and his wife) decided to have a child, Mrs Jeff needed to stay at home to become mom and Jeff had to work hard to sustain not only for them but also for the new coming baby. He worked hard. He continuously worked hard on his passion to become a writer and within 18 months, he published number of books and he finally gets success and doubled his income. In his hard work he substitutes the income of his wife and at the same time he becomes a professional writer and he is now a full time writer and living his life from his writing. I don’t know whether such case will happen or not to me. But I reveal that we are also planning to have a baby however we still would like to continue our job as it will be difficult for us to manage our daily life. I am supporting Sabi (my wife) as we both are working and I know I have to take care of her much more than normal once we decide to have a child.
I also plan to work hard. I am not a full time writer and I know I am just beginning to explore my story to the world. In the beginning, this will not be easy. I do not care about anything. I just plan to write. Whatever comes in my mind, I try to write. However at this moment, this is just my passion and I know I cannot give much more time. I have to give full time at my office where I have to give my hundred percent efforts. At the same time, I have to be a very supporting and caring husband at my home. Sabi works hard than I do and she deserves more rest and her physical condition is also weaker than mine. I don’t mean she has got problem. But she has to ride her scooter nearly a 25 kilo meters day in a bumpy road everyday which is itself a tiresome work. At the same time she gets busy all the day at her office, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. So I have time to read and write at night after our meal.
We are happy in our life and doing our best. But we have to still work hard for our coming generation. So we are very much careful in each and every action that we take now.

Mother Loves to Stay at Village

I asked my mother to join us to live together. She is at my village. She is happy there to stay alone. She is active and doing all the farming works. She is busy from early morning to the late evening. Once mother will be with us, I think we will have more fun. But I know I cannot force my mother to bring in the city. City is full of people and this place will be very difficult for her. I know it will be very suffocating to her. She tells me that, “I cannot go outside as I don’t know how to cross the road. Even if I go outside I cannot come back to the place due to the so many ways.” She does not have the habit of the city as it is normal that she has spent rest of her life in the village. According to my mother, she was just 9 year old at the time of marriage. She spent few years with my grandmother after marriage and came to home (marriage home) in about 12-13 years. Then she has been living there continuously till now. She is now 67. Among six children, we four are survived and two have passed away after two months. At that time, it was very difficult for mother as she got the problem of bleeding for several months. There was not the hospital in the village and we all the children are born at our own home instead of hospital. I know many people still give birth to their child at their home instead of visiting hospital. My village is not that much far from the city. 10-15 KM far from the city and the capital city is not farther than 80 KM.

I will write more about my village, if you (reader) are interested. I will even place the few pictures of village. This is the way of my village. 

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal 

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