Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Praiseworthy Marriage

A Praiseworthy Marriage

On last Friday, I attended a wedding ceremony of Ms. Laxmi Khanal and Sagar Prasai. Laxmi is an Electrical Engineer working full time at Nepal Telecommunications. She is about to complete her master’s degree in Rural Development as well. Sager is working at an INGO and runs his own NGO as well. They both love to work for the social welfare. This wedding is a bit strange in the eyes of the most common people not only in Nepal, but in other part of the world as well. Laxmi decided to get married with Sager who is differently able person. He needs wheel chair for the movement. According to Laxmi he has got that problem from his birth. I know that Sagar is able to do many works and he is performing it since long. I read his articles, and his views on the news paper. In the decision of Laxmi, her entire family and relatives supported her. I would like to say: GOD BLESS YOU BOTH. Common people cannot think out of the tradition and such type of action needs more courage and willingness to act. Laxmi is the one who dare to go beyond this tradition.

Here is the picture of them.

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