Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pollution, Population and Poor People

On Friday, I traveled in the afternoon. A day before, there was rain, however Friday was sunny day. I drove my motorcycle nearly two hours; and during that time I felt suffocation due to the long traffic jam and pollution. Even in the afternoon, there was a long line of jam on the street and it was very difficult to ride a bike. I normally drive maximum 10 Kilo meters a day for my office and home. But at that day, I needed to drive more than two hours. And all most all the time, there was big pollution. Roads are under construction.  I think, there is no proper management of drainage system to pass the rain water. It seems that rain water brings the mud on the street and it covers the whole surrounding while the vehicles run on those muddy roads. 

I think pollution increases due to the increase of the population. There is lack of proper management due to the poor people in the management and bureaucracy. We have to plan and execute any action as per the plan. 

I will continue my writing about this topic in my future blog. I need to stop it now as I have other urgent work. 

Hari Shrestha
 Kathmandu, Nepal

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