Monday, February 2, 2015

Role of Education Agent

I am in International Education business since 2005. It’s been a decade. There are ups and down in this area. As an agent we need to depend on students, institutions and concerned visa offices. We need to get through lots of way to make our business success. Sometimes even the minor mistakes can be disastrous getting student visa. So we will have to be very serious in our business. Sometimes we get rejection with silly reason and at that time we have to persuade the students. To get the process students need to spend lots of time, money and energy and at the end of the day, they will not success. Some visa offices know the students problem and before they reject the application they ask students to prove their genuineness. They keep on asking questions and if students are genuine enough, they grant visas. But some visa offices do not bother to ask either students or the concerned authorities regarding the genuineness of students and based on the doubt they denied the visa application of students. There are mistakes from Universities too. Initially they accept the students and at the end they will deny their previous offers. Even though we become very serious and careful there are other factors that make the process difficult. So I would like to request each and every one to be accountable in such matter in the future.

Hari Shrestha

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