Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be Happy in Life

Be Happy in Life

When I connect with great minds, I feel amazing and thrill by their ideas. I normally connect with them through their views on articles, books, and quotations and so on. When I read them, I become fresh and I see the world beautiful. It’s really beautiful because of them. They always see the world through their positive perspective. That is why; I read them regularly to fresh my mind, to live my life peacefully and beautifully. They never tell you not to long for the worldly material possession, but they are always focusing on the passion that we have. Yes they also advise us to work hard, to take our action continuously, and to get success. At the same time they are also advising us to be content with what we have. They teach us to live our life in peace even when we have fewer things. They are always careful in each and every matter and they never take anything for granted. Even for small matter, they take it responsibly. Life should not be taken for granted. That includes everything such as health, family, job, and education and so on. Everything is important in life. They suggest us to keep balance on each and every part of our life. We should not ignore to anyone. They all are interrelated to each other. So we have to take care and should not take it for granted. I read the books and articles of the following writers. I listed a few in numbers and there are long list which I will try to post in the future as well. I do read the books of Robin Sharma, Birendra Kapoor, Zig Zilan, Shiva Khera etc.
Those who are interested please read them. They will change your thinking in life. They will help you to live your life in the better way than in the past.

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal

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