Saturday, February 7, 2015

Compulsion to go Abroad for Work

Yesterday (7 Feb 2015) Dipak Raj Shrestha, my nephew (My Bhanja, sister son) went to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to work for 2 year. He is 21 year old and he is just a high school graduate.  As per his qualification and age, we cannot expect him a good job there. As other Nepali citizen he also went there to work the low level job. That is not his desire to go and work. That is not our wish to send him to go and work as well. It’s our compulsion to send him there. He is the eldest child of his father and mother and there are 4 other brothers and sisters under him. His father is doing hard work however there is always difficult situation to rear up the children. I know there are similar situation of most of the Nepali citizen.
It was not easy to send him there. My sister was crying since few days and the entire families are in pain because we sent him for two years. He didn’t go anywhere before. So it will be hard for him that is for sure. However he went there by making his heart very strong. He knows the pain of the poverty of the family and wants to fight back to the poverty. I don’t know what job he needs to do there and what the situation is waiting for him. But I believe he will face that challenge.  
It has been a year that he planned to go golf countries. He dropped his passport to man power agency and it took nearly a year to get a visa and ticket. As per the ticket, agreement and visa, it was totally free however we needed to pay Nepalese Rupees 50000 (fifty thousand). We paid it to get the documents. I can say that it was free because the ticket was from the company and agreement says, after two years again company will bear the ticket expenses. I knew they were taking our money but we could not say anything because they at least chose our person to send there. There were and still there are long queue of people wishing to go abroad. So man power is a good business here in Nepal. They are making easy money by sending our Nepalese youth to work hard at the foreign countries. I am not underestimating their role. At least they are showing the path to make little money for their family.
I saw the face of many people who are going to work those golf countries. From their face itself, I can say that they are from very poor family background and they have got hope to make money. They are leaving their near and dear. I can say that by breaking their heart they are going there.  They need to work very hard. They change their hard work in money and send it to their family. And the family will cover their expenses here in Nepal.
There is an urgent need in Nepal to improve the quality of education. There has to be the job creation in Nepal itself. This trend of going abroad for job seeking is terrible and in the last few months there were more than 45000 people departed from Nepal every month.

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal

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