Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Human Struggle

People are longing for happiness and success and work hard to achieve it.  In the present context of the world, people are trying to find out the new job, career, and the life style. So while longing for the better life, normally we human being needed to sacrifice a lot. We need to leave our family, friends, relatives, as well as our culture, value, etc. For an example when I left my village, I needed to leave my mother and other relatives. I left that place where I belong. The world where it is today is because of the human desire to spend the better life. That desire helps human being to achieve greater.
The history of mankind is the history of hard work, struggle, sorrows, pain and continuous effort. We achieved so much more which was not imaginable even 50 years ago. The world is changing rapidly and the power of human being is truly represented in this 21st century. The world is kept on changing and it never stops. As soon as the new developments and innovations comes to us, that makes life even better in one way and on the other way it puts us even difficult situation. The competition becomes tough.
Machine is replacing the human being now days and in the future, I think there will be scarcity of jobs for human being. Few months back I read an article at Project Syndicate which says that the robot is working in place of human being and in the near future, the role of robot can be better which will be cheaper and easy to handle. So many people will lose the job and there will be problem in the society.
There is a hydro power project Trishuli 3A 90 MW which is under construction in my district. It is expected to complete very soon. The construction is doing by the Chinese company and as per the local people there are no more than 500 people working in daily basis. Most of the works are through machine. Single operator can work thousands times more by the help of machine instead of employing thousands of people. Chinese people are there to work and complete this project and they bring all the necessary items for them from China itself. They are not buying even a cigarette from local or from Nepali market. It means they are very much conscious to use their own materials.
Nepalese youths are going abroad to work in a labor visa. Due to the lack of skills and knowledge for higher level job they compelled to work at lower level.  If those countries also start to work through machine what will happen in Nepal? Where shall we Nepali people go to work to help our children? I don’t mean they are not using at the moment. As the time passes, the new method and technology will come and may replace the human. This is what I mean to say in the above sentence.  So we have to work in our country and need to create the jobs for Nepali people.

Note: This is my first draft where I have not done any correction and put it here. Please if you find any mistakes, please correct me. 

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha

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