Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am trying to write every day and the topic covers anything. I want to write to explore my ideas and to make it clear. In the past when I was at school I used to write a diary and I noticed that, that helped me to improve my Nepali language. Even now days, I am writing in my diary though not regularly which is helping me to release my feelings and I feel better after writing. I think that is why, writing and reading therapies are in discussion in the developed world to help the patient. From the beginning of 2015, I started to write something new in my blog. And I want to make it my habit and I have to write at least a page each day to explore more. I know this will help me to organize my opinion and express my feelings better. At the same time I hope to make my writing better. In order to write something, I have to read, think, analyze. While doing so, my mind can be active and generate new ideas. So I am trying to write it in a daily basis. When I am busy, I will not write. I have to work hard and I have to concentrate on it. Writing is not my job at the moment and in the future my passion and dedication can lead me to become a write as well. Yes, I see that potential as well in me. But at the moment I am not a writer and I have other duties and responsibilities. So I may not be able to write. However I will attempt to write in daily basis.
Most of the time, I am busy at counseling new students.  My job is to give advice to those students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. I meet students of normally 16 -30 years age group. Majority of them are in their twenties. I can see the dream in their eyes to go abroad to upgrade their higher education, to make money, to settle down and so on. They know little information and some of them do not know anything regarding the study abroad processing. I guide them to do the necessary work. They need to fulfill the requirements of their age, qualification, English language test like TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, PTE etc. After they prepare it, we will have to send their application to the College or University for admission. They will get either offer letter or refusal letter. If we get offer letter, we will have to guide them for visa processing. If refusal, need to find out the reason and guide the students to fulfill their requirement by improving the weak areas. This is how I need to do my work.
That is not the only job that I do. I need to be updated regarding the requirements of the colleges and universities. I also need to inform about sessions, fees, duration, location, etc. Additionally, I need to know the visa process, its rules and regulation to make sure the hundred percentage success rate. I wrote few days earlier about the ROLE OF EDUCATION AGENT in this blog. So, though we expect 100%, sometimes we cannot be 100%. However we need to work hard to mitigate the risk factor.
In order to get the good result, we need to depend with so many other factors. Student’s academic excellence, sound financial background, and his/her reason applying abroad can be the basic parameter to get good results. But all the students are not academically good or financially sound. So taking this fact in the mind we need to look at other areas as well. Some students can be good in their academic but financially weak. Some are vice versa. So considering those facts we need to be careful while advising the students.
This much for today.

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Thank you very much.

Hari Shrestha
Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

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