Friday, February 20, 2015

Study in Denmark


I plan to explore the new destination for our services/products at my office. So I am researching about STUDY IN DENMARK. I come to know that Denmark is an Amazing Country. Some of the facts that I learn are the following:


# Denmark has the Excellence Education System
# Denmark is a leader of Innovation
# Denmark is second in producing Talent
# Danish Education System is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking
# Good, up to date study environment
# Use latest knowledge that meet the needs of global labor market
# Safe, friendly and Innovation friendly environment

Facts about Denmark

# The Kingdom of Denmark
# Area: 43075 KM2
# Capital: Copenhagen
# Population: 5.6 Million
# Ethnicity: 91.1% Indigenous
# Literacy: 99%
# Language: Danish (English and German widely spoken)
# Government: Parliamentary Democracy
# Entered in European Union: 1973

This country is located in northern Europe and sea is as near as 50KM from any part of Denmark.   
Tuition fee is free for Danish and European Union countries and Switzerland students however other Non-European students have to pay the fees. It start from Euro 6000 to 16000 per year depends on the institutions and courses.

I will keep on posting new and more exciting news in my blog about Study in Denmark. The source of this information is:

For details information about studying in Denmark, please visit the official website above.

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Kathmandu, Nepal

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