Thursday, February 5, 2015

Unemployment in Nepal is rising!!

Nepal does not have proper vision for development. Political parties all the time fight to each other and bargain to get their portion. Their prime agenda is always to get more for them and for their relatives. They should have the common goal to uplift the situation of Nepal and Nepali people. But this is not happening. Sadly many youths from Nepal are going abroad for employment to help their family.

There are approximately 2 million Nepali people working only in Middle East/Golf countries. Majority of them are working as a laborer or a very low level job. The numbers are growing and the news reports says that there are nearly 1000 people departing Nepal every day for those countries. The situation is becoming worse from bad, however no one is thinking from broad perspective.

In Nepal there has to be the job creation for those Nepalese youth. Proper education has to be there which has to support to get employment. Education Institutions are mushrooming but they are not imparting quality education. Graduates are not employable. They just have certificates and have little theoretical knowledge which will not helpful to find the job. Modern world is running based on the practical learning but we are still mugging up the theory which was developed in the last few centuries.

Political parties, bureaucrats, and the concern people those who are in the position, please imagine the future of Nepal and work on it. This is the time of rapid development. Our neighbors have done so much progress within 2-3 decades because they have got proper vision and dedication to work on it. We will also need to work in this area which is already late to start. So, I urge to the concern people of Nepal to make it better place in the near future.

As an individual, I work hard. I follow the rules and regulations of the country. I believe in hard work. I am determined to fulfill my duties and responsibilities. So it's time to work hard and prove the world that Nepal is not a poor country. It's rich. It's prosperous. It's growing. It has everything that the most developed countries offers. So please work on it to show the true potential of the Nepali People.

I believe we can work together to make our country.

Hari Shrestha

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