Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Experience of My Life

Experience of My Life
Hope this can be a lesson to you as well.
I read somewhere else that we see the world not as it is, but as we see it ourselves. We define our own world. We look it from our own perspective. Even our perspective changes when the situation changes. When I was at my school in my village, I had my different view of this world than I have now. At that time, my teachers were the only people who were/are imparting knowledge. They were/are the hero in our surrounding. I still respect them and I will always do. But the context change and my horizon also change. I came to the capital city Kathmandu and started to struggle to continue my education. I had to work and I had to continue my education. Till my high school graduation, I was not familiar to this place. It was really terrible to survive. I didn’t know anything about transportation facilities, location, and the types of job that I can do. Due to the lack of my knowledge, I traveled twice to reach the same place.
I worked hard. Whatever I did, I gave my hundred percent. Whatever I got, I accepted. It was very difficult situation. I was not able to study. I worked 14 hours a day. But I never quit my hope to study. In the morning when I saw group of students going to the college, I was working to join my hand and mouth. So few years, I postponed my education plan. It was not possible to bring anything from my home rather I needed to send the money to my mother at my village. So there were not any other options rather to stop my study few years. My mother has done great struggle to send me to school to see my high school graduation.
When I was six years, my father passed away. I have little image of him sleeping at our yard during his sickness. It was very difficult to us to take him to the hospital and as far as I know, we sold our few pieces of land to take him to the hospital. But that didn’t do any good to him. My mother and two sisters worked hard to survive in the absence of our father. Among my three sisters the eldest one was got married already before our father died. Remaining two sisters, mother and I were the family members. My sisters didn’t go to school so they went to work in the village. They all supported for our daily meal and for my education.
I don’t remember the exact date of marriage of my second sister, but I still remember that she after her marriage also supported us very much. Her house was not far from us. It was in the same village. She supported to make the roof of my house by putting the stone roof in place of grass. That helped us to stay under the safe house. Otherwise there were the conditions of coming water inside and difficult to stay during the rainy season. Mom used to go to collect the grass to replace the old roof each year.  
My third sister also got marriage before I passed my school leaving certificate and she has now 3 children. The eldest daughter is now 14. My mother is alone at my village and it has been 15 years.
I will continue it in my future blog.
Despite the hardship and struggle, I completed my mater level study and got marriage last year. We both work and live here in Kathmandu. It’s okay. It’s not bad. We are happy. I asked my mom to come and stay with us together. But she is happy to be in the village. She is now 66. She is still working there. She has got big number of cattle’s I guess 3, 17 goats, and dozens of chickens. I am going my village normally within a month or two. I am in touch with my mother in daily basis. In the morning when I wake up, I call her. And in the afternoon as well I talk to her frequently. Normally I speak to her 3-4 times a day. I know, I am here in this position because of her and I never forget her hard word and pain that she bear for me. I always love her.
I know everyone has his/her own story in life. I share it through my blog. I learnt many lesson from my mother that never Lose Hope. Believe in Hard Word. Do it continuously and one day you will get success. I will keep on posting it in the future as well.

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal

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