Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Opinion on Valentine’s Day

My Opinion on Valentine’s Day

The World becomes like a Village due the change that technology brings. Any events that happen in one corner now can spreads in a matter of seconds to the other corner of the world. This helps people to know the culture of each other. Due to the information that we acquire from the mine of information technology, we are familiar with so many events. Among them Valentine’s Day is the one which becomes a celebrating festival in Nepal as well. Yes, we are hearing about the globalization and its trend and we also become a part of it. We cannot deny the change that the world brings to us. So I do not argue about whether to celebrate it or not.

Valentine’s Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Marriage Anniversary, etc are not the tradition and culture of the Western Countries only. They are now becoming the Global tradition, culture, and norms of all types of society. So we cannot deny this fact in our society in Nepal. It’s nice to be happy, to eat delicious food, to visit beautiful places, to take and give beautiful gifts. It’s even best when you win the heart of your dear ones. But I have reservation on our style to celebrate it. While following other culture, we should not ignore and devalue our own culture, system of society, norms and our tradition. Our culture, our tradition, our norms are our identity. Without our culture and identity, we will become identity less. So we have to preserve and celebrate our festival as well. We will not become modern by celebrating the imported tradition and ignoring our own. So we have to celebrate our own festivals as we do it in our own way and styles. Those reflect our own identity.

I see the politics in each and every festival. Each festival has socio-economic relations in the society. During Valentine’s Day, we buy gifts that help the business to grow. But we never thought of the gifts that we buy are imported and our money is going abroad. Instead of buying gifts that was made abroad, if we could buy our own products (I mean Nepali Products), I think we can retain our money in Nepal itself. I don’t know whether we can do this or not. I don’t know whether there are manufacturer or not to produce such gift items in Nepal. But if we desire it, we can use any thing as a gift and we can utilize it. So from next time on-wards, we have to think in this way as well.
PS: I encourage you all to have your opinion as well. I kindly request you not to use abusive words in your writing. You can disagree and give your reason in a proper way. I am always happy to have your positive input.

Thanking you in advance.


Hari Shrestha

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