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Difficult Criteria of Australian Institutions to Nepalese Students
Australia granted 404000 students visa in total in 2014 (www.icef.com).  Many Nepalese students are also applying, studying and settling in Australia. Unlike from developed countries students, Nepalese students have to show the evidence to prove their financial capacity to the Universities and Visa Office. Additionally, they have to prove the genuineness of their intention to study. This is a normal process. It has to be there.  Even visa office and universities and colleges required students to show the funds only from two banks of Nepal among 32 banks. They are Nabil and SBI Bank Ltd. They have strict criteria some of which are the following:
1)      Property should touch the 10 feet street, otherwise you will not be able to secure a loan
2)      Property has to be in the name of student’s parent (third party collateral cannot be accepted)
3)      Even if property touched the road/street, it has to be closer the to the bank (branch)
4)      Students have to show the source of income from Nepal only. They cannot show the funds from the income of their family who are working abroad
5)      Even if students meet the criteria, it takes at 1-2 months to process the loan
I would like to concentrate this article about the issue of offer letter in the beginning and refusal at the end. Many universities and colleges issue offer letters to the students based on the academic documents, English Language test and the experience. They even issue an offer for those students who have got long gap year. After receiving an offer, students prepare their financial documents and one of them is the preparation of loan from the above mentioned any one of those two banks. During this process students have to invest a lot of money, time and energy. They need to visit municipal office, banks, police station to make police report, they need to visit notary public to translate and attest their documents, and they have to make the no objection letter as well. In the hope of getting acceptance letter from the University, they prepare all the documents. Once they are ready, send their document to the college or university to get the final approval. But the same university starts to questions the students and withdraws their offer. Students become sad, lose hope, and lose money and time. So if possible Australian Institutions have to screen the students in the beginning and prevent this loss. I know there are some universities which are doing such investigation in the begging and based on the findings, they issue offer letters. But many universities issues offer and withdraw those offers at the end. That gave the negative impression to the students and agents. I know this is a common problem to Nepalese students and agents.
This is true that Australia needs rich and brilliant students to their institutions who can bring the money for the expenses. That is fair enough plan. Each country in the world has their right to make it better and smart. But my sincere request to them is, please screen in the beginning and take them. This process will help the students to prevent their loss of time, money and energy.

Australia Deports 224 Nepali Students
Pay Attention those who are planning to go to study in Australia
While writing this blog, I come to know that Australia recently deported 224 Nepalese students because of their bad intention to join another institution. Initially they joined at the universities and to save their money, they tried to change their provider (low cost, private college). Based on their intention to cheat, they went to the University and to make money they quit the study. That is the consequence they face. This happens to Indian, Chinese and other countries students as well. So those students, who plan to go to Australia for study, be serious on your study only. If you are not able to finance for your study, please search other options please.
For the details news, please go through the following webstie:

Best Regards,
Hari Shrestha
Kathmandu, Nepal

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