Wednesday, February 11, 2015

News Analysis

I read the news article from above link and writing this blog about this.

My analysis on the News

I just read news which says that five thousand Nepalese are submitting their application to become refugee in Japan. As the Japan became a bit flexible to grant students visa from last few years (I guess 2 years), there are now approximately 40000 Nepalese populations in Japan, the news report says. Among them, there are 35% people who lodged their application to get the status of refugee.
In the past also there was similar news from UK. In 2009-11, huge number of Nepalese students entered in the UK and many of them went to Portugal in order to get the residence permit which was according the news report, through refugee’s application. Many students were cheated by the bogus colleges in the UK. UKBA shut down those colleges and requested the international students to join another institution. However that was not possible to join another college because of the fees. Many students didn’t get back their money because of the closure of the colleges. UK government did not and still does not have that powerful law in favor of international students. I will write in this issue in my future blogs. I now want to concentrate on the trends of Nepalese students and visitors.

Why they wish to extend their stay? Why they want to settle down there? Why not coming back to the home country Nepal?
We say Nepal is a developing country. Though slowly, we agree that we are progressing. This is not because of the vision of the leader of my country or because of the far sighted bureaucrat; this is because of the trend of the globalization and the technology. People are aware in each and every sector and they find that there is no scope and future in our country. They compare everything with the developed nations and not getting anything as they expect. So, they want to leave the country. Once they leave, they do not plan to come back. They can work hard there. They can make money and they see their future there. Then in order to settle down over there, they start to look at so many ways there and find this refugee scheme fascinating to them through which they can settle down. In my opinion, this happens because of our poverty, not our physical poverty only, our mental poverty as well. We have trend not to work hard in our country and ready to work hard in another country. Obviously there are differences in between currency and monetary gain. But we never look at the expenses side. All the nations in the world developed gradually, and they have also had a situation like our situation in the past. How they are there now and why not us? This is because of their hard work, dedication, determination, continuous effort, good politician, good policy and good system. We have trend to blame other people. We have to be responsible as well. I think this trend will go on for long until and unless we make our nation to live peacefully. There has to be a hope first. In order to arouse a hope, there has to be a good system to follow. We should have a vision to make our country better. I also agree that the key to develop the nations are the ruling parties (political parties), which are always in the power. In the democratic political system there is multi-party system and the government always keeps on changing. They just want to impose their own interest in the country. What I want is, they should have a common goal, consensus goal to develop the nation. Whichever party comes at the government, the major projects should continue. They should compete to bring the new development in the nation. That is how we can expect our country to become a prosperous in the near future. Otherwise we cannot be anywhere. We will be in the same situation and our condition still will be worse.

Thanks for your time to read.

Hari Shrestha
Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

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